Ridgeway Sponsored Walk

Ridgeway Sponsored Walk

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Team Eliot-Cohen 50 mile

Sponsored Ridgeway Walk

Tim Eliot-Cohen, his daughter Flora and friends will be doing a 50 mile sponsored walk along Britain’s oldest road- the Ridgeway- between Streatley and Avebury.  


It is hoped that friends will join him for either a day or half day to help raise funds for a new pre-school in Ramsbury. Pub lunches and supper will be an integral part of the day. 


Some of the students and parents of Ramsbury School will be joining him on the final stage, being a 6 mile sponsored walk to the Avebury Stone Circle. 



  • May 18th:  Streatley  to Sparsholt – 19 miles

  • Stage 1: Streatley to West Ilsley 9.00am-1.00pm

  • Lunch at the Harrow Pub 1.00-2.30pm

  • Stage 2: West Ilsley to Sparsholt:  2.30-6.00


  • May 19th: Sparsholt to Ogbourne Downs – 18 miles

    • Stage 3: Sparsholt to Bishopstone  9.30-12.30pm

    • Lunch at The Royal Oak  

    • Stage :Bishopstone to Ogbourne Downs 2.00-5.30

  • Mid point meeting at the Royal Oak at Bishopstone


  •  May 20th:  Ogbourne Downs to Avebury – 11 Miles

    • Stage 5: Ogbourne to Barbury Castle 10.00-12.00


    • Stage  6:  Walk for Ramsbury- School sponsored walk

    • From Barbury Castle at 12.15 – picnic lunch

    • 6 Mile walk with refreshment spots

    • Pre-School Avebury Circle Sponsored Walk- 3.00pm
    • Survivors Photo – 3.30pm


To join Tim on Days 1 and 2:



DONATIONS: can be made via:


  • Just Giving – coming soon

  •  CAF cheques warmly received – Ramsbury Pre-School Registered Charity number 1055350. 

Cheques made payable to the Ramsbury Pre-School and sent to Tim Eliot-Cohen at Hilldrop Farm, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, SN82HB

For Further information: Contact Tim Tim@RamsburyWeek.co.uk




Kids Walk for Ramsbury

Exciting 6 mile walk for families from Barbury Castle or  Toddle the Avebury Circle Loop

On The Day Joining Instructions – DOWNLOAD PDF

It’s easy to join in! First decide if you’ll do the 6 mile walk (2.5 hours) or circular toddle (30 mins).

 The 6 Mile Family Walk

*Step 1 Set up your sponsorship page HERE

*Step 2 Meet at Barbury Castle on Saturday 20 May at 12:15. Please bring a packed lunch.

*Step 3 Explore a fantastic section of the Ridgeway

*Step 4 Enjoy the survivors photo at 4pm. We will arrange registered walkers, who have asked for transport to be returned to their car at Barbury Castle

The Avebury Circle Loop Toddle or Pram Push

*Step 1 Set up your sponsorship page HERE

*Step 2 Meet up at Avebury Stone Circle at 3pm 

*Step 3 Explore the beautiful surrounds

*Step 4 Enjoy the survivors photo














Images greatfully credited to Philip Perkins, David Iles, International Appalachian Trail & Sarah Wright