Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

9 - 11am

 The Ramsbury Car Scavenger Hunt

29th May    9.30-11.30am

At Hilldrop Farm   SN8 2HB

‘Family Fun at its Finest’


 This indeed promises to be family fun at its finest!   There will be riddles to solve, treasure to find, objects to collect, things to build, videos to take, dancing, singing and games such as ‘Beat the Intro’ to entertin.   That’s before your children have navigated their way to the location of the hidden treasure at the end of the Geocache led clue.

The aim will be to complete as many of the clues and riddles and collect the various challenging objects and photos before the time limit runs out!   All clues are within a 10-mile radius of Hilldrop and a map will be provided.


SO GET YOUR TEAM READY FOR ACTION: Turn up at Hilldrop, with your E-ticket, at around 9.30 having downloaded the free Geocache App. You are going to need this!   The car park attendant will direct you to the Scavenger Hunt Tent where you will be given instructions and a challenge pack.   You will then have 1.5 hours from your start time to return to the judging tent.  Happily your arrival coincides with the start of the Ramsbury Country Fair, for which your your team will have free entrance.


To enjoy this event you’ll need to arrive at Hilldrop at 9am. You will then be guided to the scavenger hunt car park and registration tent. At this point, (perhaps after a bacon rol and coffee) you’ll recieve your Treasure Hunt Pack.


This event but requires a ticket to Ramsbury Country Fair.

To register for your free Treasure Hunt Pack event please contact